Good Morning, My Love….


It’s so nice to see
when I open my (tired) eyes.
I’ve loved you for
(too long), enduring
lust-without the
majesty, the
personal invitation to the
heart of your
personality-I was beginning
to doubt,
the presence of
the quintessential quality,
so edible, (befriendable),
(so really ‘non-negotiable’).

(real); you just can’t fake
it, sell it, (damn)
don’t try
to memorize it, cheat.
Don’t stigmatize it, please-
(it hurts)-I know you feel
my pain, (my man)
you understand,
how much I need it…..
(We don’t even speak of it)-
So, I (in my place), happy, anxious;
You, still timely, reassuring-
bitter, dark suspicion
(come, but)
Your last minute saves,
have always,
nurtured me (to)

For infinity,

(I know you know)
the real Me-
I abhor those ugly,
spurious parts, within
Recent (undeniable);
(yet truly)
precedented, detriments
of jealousy…..

Good morning, my love…


2 thoughts on “Good Morning, My Love….

    1. thank you so much…i have been writing forever, and used to submit stuff, self publish, etc., but regrettable distractions slowly ended my motivation…kept writing, but now i just want an audience…(small, big, good, bad, i dont care-i just want it seen, and im too respectful to force it on people i know (the worst writing gets in my face that way, so in light of that, i just dont do it).I must sound pretty desperate, but i just appreciate you taking the time…sincerely, girlgoo/Jennifer

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