Piping Gladys

Piping Gladys
gods a sadist.
‘Can’t you see
your toes?’

Poor Gladys

Pinch it again
and you will be,
a little closer
to heaven,

gods a sadist-
and I think
you’d fuck him too.

this has been, yet another excerpt from the 1992 book of poetry I self published; THE VEAL COUPLETS


4 thoughts on “Piping Gladys

    1. That’s it…some words sound so divine together – new to WordPress, lots on my iPhone, but if I can figure it out (in the tiny bit of time, I would love to post a link to this piece, if u don’t mind.?

      1. Unfortunately, my link didn’t work out, so I posted some ([the]pony/ass and gods wife on my Facebook page, which (I know), is totally lame; BUT, obviously for someone who rarely puts anything but slot results there, I said some pretty stellar things about your work (considering I was on day 2)….oops. If your interested, it’s under the name Jennifer Konojacki. (P.S. hope your not offended by the absent notification, PRIOR to posting).

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