Sometimes she paints
her toenails red,
and describes that pair
as “harsh”.
Not denying their right
to be
if they so choose;
for she might so choose-
(probably not)

Modest enough to
be a communist,
the girl with the
red toes,
does not actively
in Politics.
(and why should she?)

As she grew old
she began to paint
her toenails
a soft mauve,
And, reflected
on those
reckless days.


046“it is my right; my pre-pubescant-cowboys right ; from the farthest side of the United States, to the other side of the world, I will never give up my right to…SMOKE…(until manhood is thrust, by way of a pick up truck-fast upon me)…Until each cell in my immature body (starting with-occasionally useful-I’m told; organs); foremost my lungs; my blood, my bones and skin are corrupted in dripping, black, resinous tar-malignant, and spreading like wildfire-I insist on my right-my-god-given-right, to smoke…smoke, (and inhale)-I’ll smoke honestly-openly-I will be exercising (frequently) to: my last painful breath…my (rather unexceptional), and masculine-traditional; my rednecked, family, classical,…right…to…SMOKE”.