Zoo Poetry

The vogue seal did not dance;

Sitting only in vain,

and knowing when

to pose for the camera.

The vogue seal is

as mythical as;

my income tax return, and

(all those people),

who give a damn what you think.

And, the bad seed moose-

was out too late,

and sentenced to life in jail.

For moose prison

is as mythical as,

your silence.


Sometimes she paints
her toenails red,
and describes that pair
as “harsh”.
Not denying their right
to be
if they so choose;
for she might so choose-
(probably not)

Modest enough to
be a communist,
the girl with the
red toes,
does not actively
in Politics.
(and why should she?)

As she grew old
she began to paint
her toenails
a soft mauve,
And, reflected
on those
reckless days.


046“it is my right; my pre-pubescant-cowboys right ; from the farthest side of the United States, to the other side of the world, I will never give up my right to…SMOKE…(until manhood is thrust, by way of a pick up truck-fast upon me)…Until each cell in my immature body (starting with-occasionally useful-I’m told; organs); foremost my lungs; my blood, my bones and skin are corrupted in dripping, black, resinous tar-malignant, and spreading like wildfire-I insist on my right-my-god-given-right, to smoke…smoke, (and inhale)-I’ll smoke honestly-openly-I will be exercising (frequently) to: my last painful breath…my (rather unexceptional), and masculine-traditional; my rednecked, family, classical,…right…to…SMOKE”.