MEDVICE: What Your LSD Hallucinations Say About You

…..what can I say? It’s good…I sat there giggling to myself the whole read.

Straight White Male


New research has cropped up in recent years new research has cropped up new research has cropped new research has cropped has croppedhas croppedhas croppedhascroppedcroppedcroppedhashashashashashashashashashashashashahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahhahhahhhaahhhhaaaaaah ah ah ah a 



aaa aaa aa a a   a        a             a

It ends, but never for you. Never for you, Clarice. It ends, but never for you. Never for you, Clarice.

If this is your most common hallucination, you may be an avid blog reader.

2.: Miley Cyrus riding by On a Five-Eyed Transgender Liger With a Choir Behind her Singing “Shake it Off” This one is quite common among teen moms and little-league baseball coaches with a passion for NASCAR, usually signifying some sort of innate empathy with the racist unicorns drinking orange juice under your bed at night. It’s usually harmless, unless Waka Flaka becomes involved. You also may want to stop listening to Taylor Swift, even though she’s always listening to you. Always.

And so is your cat. And so is your…

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