Rapture holds
passion, not
(You have become
my forsaken

Ravish me.

The heat (is nearly
I’m kissing,
your neck, (when)
my tongue finds the
sharp definition of your
Adam’s apple…Tastes-
so sweet, (and
so wonderful),
beneath the stubble
on (your neck),
your sculpted jaw,
and the other
delectable parts of you.
The salt of
sweat, leaves a hint,
in my mouth. Testosterone,
magnetic pheromones,
(fill up my sinuses,
head, and my throat).
And this divinity, almost
makes me forget, about
the pleasure I feel, every time
you move your hips.

Ravish me,

And slippery high moments,
that pale me-(just).
Pierce me.
Impale me, again and again.
It’s the flesh in my body, and
the ice in my soul.



3 thoughts on “A WORD ABOUT FLESH…

  1. I am very flattered by your comment. Of all the subjects I breach, -passion with flesh- is my favourite. It provides a stark, delicious rhythm that is so fulfilling, and simultaneously so insatiable.

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