Ode to Lost Children…

This is my life…and it

is rotten. It is flawed.

I am too often exhausted, 

by overthinking, and dark days-

very poor judgement calls, and

vanity, to abasement. 

There is always a reason, for 

my binges, blackouts, and 

magnificent stupidity; (it

is very likely), the profound

and hateful futility (of it all).

If there were more than 

just my wasted life-

(hanging in the balance)…

It would be a cataclysm-

(especially for those 

swaggering douchebags, who 

will never, 



I miss my kids. (The 

world stopped turning, a







A Nightly Prayer…

…if I die, before I wake;

I pray to more than God to take-

my soul, my heart, 

(lacklustre light). 

All the love, my waning life.

So, if I die from unavenged madness;

I pray to something more…

like balance.

Consume the cause of looming sadness-

right the iniquities,

stop the kindness, 

(from being raped beside me, helpless).

God loves most, but 

favours the spineless.