kitten toes

When I first saw you,

I was (so) amazing; confident

and lovely.(Despite

life’s bitter ironies).

Then we started talking, –

and (baby) – I was charming.

I swept you off your feet.

(You let me bask in that façade).

Then, somewhere between Romance

and Reality-my silhouette

(was) forged in

your eye…

(While,) my “I”-

finds you outstanding…

(There is no question, why).

The best things in this world

have been redefined,

in your image.

(You are as perfect as kitten toes…)




I am a rhino.

I am a sieve.

Your the paramedic-

Morphines’ the drip.

You be the cheetah.

I’ll be your keeper.

We could be human,

And strive for something, deeper.

I am a rhino.

I bathe in mud and clay.

You can be anything-

I just want you to stay. 



 How would you act, 

if you knew that

you held, 

my heart 

in your (all 

too careless)



                             (Steady Baby, )–I

                                   would guard it





To You, From Love…

Hey!…I’m waiting for B_____, (and reading your texts). I’m waiting, impatiently for the moment I see you. I just wanna hold you and kiss you, until all the anxiety, the imagined negativity, (the monstrous, looming, typical humanity), leaves me and  my body becomes yours again…(unconditionally). Until then…xo. Jennifer.


[A text message sent, to “the one”, some weeks ago.]



Frustration: (Enter Stage Left)

I’m gonna give it up,
because, “I likes you”, but…
I don’t . I love the
things that you, could do, to me:
but-won’t. There’s not
enough, (of you), to come
around my (back-ward,
dirt-road, no-excuse-for-a)

Upon the knee
of optimism: “it’s
more colourful
than I thought”…
these township roads Continue reading “Frustration: (Enter Stage Left)”


I was so happy to
see you. I’d been,
thinking about you-
(but, had no way
to reach you).
So I waited.
it was worth it.

I’d love to romance,
about the things,
that we did-(but,
I fear that
my kids, will
stumble upon it…). And
you just don’t seem
like the romantic-type.
(I see you more as), a
hardcore, (sweet),
sexy, delicious-
type…(that would be
MY type). What a savoury
coincidence. And since,
I’m baring all of
my self-
ish, soulful thoughts…
I think I might
adore you.
Your strength, and,
your bad habits…But, mostly,
it’s the rest of you…
that gets me so
(But, you already knew that).

My thoughts of you,
are filthy.
Filthy, deviant,
and base.
Far too lewd to pass,
through my

(The irony, of course,is

that you will probably never


see this).