Are you twisted,

like me ?

Are you damaged, 

like me?

I doubt you can

     SIK FUK 

(your way)-clear, 

(of) my Bad Dreams-

and un-

intentional reach.

[You know I’m just here for 

the romance.]







I think that I offended someone, 

back at the garage…

But you wouldn’t tell me anyway .

I think I might have slighted god,

and pissed the neighbours off….

But you wouldn’t tell me anyway.

I heard your family talk of whores, 

drug addicts and assholes.

(I suspect they were talking of me…)

But you wouldn’t tell me anyway.

For “crimes against civility, 

morality, and decency…”; 

(in my absence, I was sentenced), to


I’m glad you didn’t tell me.